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Broward Legacy is published online in a coolaborative partnership between Florida Atlantic University Digital Library and The Broward County Historical Commission. The Broward County Historical Commission, is part of the Broward County Libraries Division and is committed to preserving the local history of important people, places, and events of South Florida with special emphasis given to Broward County. This historical journal is a significant resource for discovering Florida heritage.

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A service of the Broward County Board of County Commissioners

Bertha Hendry, County Administrator

Broward County Board of County Commissioners

Sue Gunzburger

Dale V. C. Holness

Kristin Jacobs

Chip LaMarca

Ilene Lieberman

Stacy Ritter

John E. Rodstrom, Jr.

Barbara Sharief

Lois Wexler

Broward County Historical Commissioners

Hazel K. Armbrister, Chair

Thomas A. Hasis, Vice Chair

Wendy Wangber, Secretary

Phyllias Loconto

James Bradley

John P. Barranco

Paul Callsen

Betty Whatley Cobb

William G. Crawford, Jr.

Maureen Dinnen

Wally Elfers

Steve Glassman

Elsie Johns

Bill Julian

Carl Lanke

Dawn LaVoir

Christopher Ryan

Marla Sherman Dumas

Richard Singer

Broward Historical Commission Staff

Dave Baber, Administrator

Denyse Cunningham, Editor, Curator

Helen Landers, Broward County Historian

Matthew DeFelice, County Archaeologist

Marcia Seldine, Administrative Coordinator

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