Race, Class and Media: An Introduction

Cristina Mislan, Robert F. Carley


In attempting to re-ignite an academic journal that remains particularly important within the conjuncture of today’s political and societal upheaval, we present a special issue for the Democratic Communiqué. With more recent social movements around the ongoing issue of state-sanctioned violence and police brutality —not to mention the more recent (and diverse) student-led social movements against gun violence across the United States—have produced a re-centering of the intersection between race and class in mediated discourses. Here, pedagogical interventions into the ever expanding capitalist machine of our current media landscape and the ongoing prevalence of police brutality against black Americans—while in this issue the killings of black American males are centered, they do not supersede killings against brown and black women—in urban localities are further explored.


police brutality; racism; black Americans; classism

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