Asian, American, and Queer

Kingsly McConnell, Kenneth Holloway


In the United States, the twentieth century gave rise to numerous social movements which inevitably intertwined with one another. During the Vietnam War, both Asian and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Americans mobilized to protest warfare and imperialism. Gay liberation groups were inspired by anti-war organizations, and anti-war organizations drew influence from these LGBT groups. The two minority groups combatted the labeling of their communities as sexually deviant and challenged the notion that being gay or Asian was inherently un American. This paper addresses these overlooked movements between the Asian and LGBT communities, and it provides insight into their complex and interwoven histories. In instances where the importance of race or sexual orientation were forgotten, these movements found conflict. Overall, while their interactions have not followed a rigid protocol of unity or disunity, the two movements have gained social and political power from their intersectionality.


Asian Americans; LGBT; sexual orientation; movements;

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