Wing Venation and Phylogenetic Relationships in Mordellidae (Coleoptera: Heteromera)

Kamel T. Khalaf


The hind wings of 7 species of Mordellidae, belonging to 6 genera, are described and their venation compared. Of these, the wing of Hoshihananomia Kono seems to be the most archaic. The wing of Sphalera Leconte exhibits no appreciable difference from that of the previous genus. Conalia Mulsant and Rey is moderately advanced and probably had a common descent with Glipodes Leconte, though they have apparently long since diverged from each other. The genus Tolidomordella Ermisch is moderately specialized, and there seem to be no grounds for including it in the same tribe with Hoshihananomia and Sphalera. Mordellistena Costa seems to be more highly evolved than the other genera studied, exhibiting closer ties to Tolidomordella.

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