A Method of Determining the Number of Potential Conidia-Forming Cadavers of Anticarsia Gemmatalis Infected with Nomuraea Rileyi in a Soybean Field

Leslie P. Kish, Gerald L. Greene, George E. Allen


A method was developed for determining the number of cadavers of the velvetbean caterpillar, Anticarsia gemmatalis (Hubner), infected with the fungal pathogen Nomuraea rileyi (Farlow) Samson in the developmental stage just prior to conidia formation (white stage) in a soybean field. One-third of the total number of cadavers in this developmental stage were observed to fall on the shake cloth during population sampling; (approximately two-thirds remained on the plant). Estimates of white cadaver counts from laboratory-held lots of field-collected larvae did not correlate with actual field counts.

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