Colonization of a Citrus Whitefly Parasite, Prospaltella Lahorensis, in Gainesville, Florida

Nguyen Ru, R. I. Sailer


Prospaltella lahorensis Howard, native to Pakistan and established in California in 1968, was obtained from California in June 1977. A total of 57 females and 130 males were released in sleeve cages placed on small branches well infested with 2nd, 3rd and 4th nymphal stages of the citrus whitefly, Dialeurodes citri (Ashmead). Releases were made and colonies were established at 1 site in Winter Haven, FL on Citrus sp. and 3 sites in Gainsville, FL on Citrus spp., Viburnum odoratissimum Ker-Gawl and Ligustrum lucidum Aiton. At 1 Gainesville site P. lahorensis increased dramatically and by the end of October 1977 has dispersed into 29 citrus trees and 1 viburnum. At the end of March 1978 viable populations of P. lahorensis were present at all 4 release sites.

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