Electrophoretic and Antigenic Comparisons of the Ixodid Ticks Amblyomma Maculatum and A. Americanum (Acari: Ixodidae)

Michael J. McGowan, John T. Homer, R. W. Barker


Disc gel electrophoretic patterns of female and male Amblyomma maculatum Koch extracts are similar but not identical. A comparison of combined male-female A. americanum (L.) with male and female A. maculatum extracts suggests that several common proteins exist. Sera from rabbits immunized with unfed male A. maculatum extract formed a precipitin band with both male and female A. maculatum antigens as well as the combined male-female A. americanum antigens. However, sera from calves immunized with unfed male and female A. maculatum gave no detectable precipitin reactions.

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