Effect of Extreme Temperatures on Pickleworm Larvae and Adults (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

Kent D. Elsey


Pickleworm, Diaphania nitidalis (Stoll), larvae exposed to -8@*C survived much longer within squash fruit than in petri dishes (73.3% survival vs 0% at 1 h). In contrast, survival of larvae exposed to O@*C was similar whether within petri dishes or in fruit. Interior temperatures of shaded squash and cucumber fruits were cooler than air temperature on a summer day, and fruit in direct sunlight were 2-10@*C hotter. Considerable mortality (52%) occurred among pickleworm moths exposed to -8@*C for 55 min. Survival of moths exposed to 0@*C for 21 h was 65%, but fecundity was reduced to almost 0.

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