Effects of a New Carbamate Insecticide, Larvin (UC-51762), on Some Nontarget Aquatic Invertebrates

Arshad Ali, Bruce H. Stanley


The effects of a new carbamate (thiodicarb) insecticide, UC-51762 or Larvin (O-[[N-[N'-(methylthiothylideneiminoxycarbonyl)-N' -methylaminosulfenyl]-N-methylcarbamoyl]]-S-methylacetothiohydroximate), on some nontarget aquatic invertebrates in experimental and sewage ponds were studied. The insecticide at 0.25, 0.5, and 1.0 kg AI/ha (i.e. 0.055, 0.11, and 0.22 ppm, respectively) in experimental ponds affected populations of Rotifera, Cyclops spp., Daphnia sp., Ostracoda, Chaoborus sp., Baetis sp., coleopteran larvae and chironomid larvae. In a sewage pond, at 1.0 kg AI/ha (0.085 ppm), Cyclops sp., Ostracoda, Hyalella azteca (Saussure), and chironomid larvae were affected. The adverse effects of the carbamate insecticide on the invertebrates in both types of habitats were moderate and generally of a short duration.

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