Two New Genera of Neotropical Laemophloeinae (Coleoptera: Cucujidae)

M. C. Thomas


Two new genera of Neotropical laemophloeine Cucujidae are described, illustrated, and their affinities discussed. Odontophloeus Thomas, NEW GENUS, includes O. crybetes Thomas, NEW SPECIES. Other included species are: O. quadridentatus (Champion), NEW COMBINATION (type-species), O. kesseli (Hetschko), NEW COMBINATION, and O. dives (Sharp), NEW COMBINATION. Lepidophloeus Thomas, NEW GENUS, includes L. exquisitus (Grouvelle), NEW COMBINATION (type species), and L. minusculus (Grouvelle), NEW COMBINATION. Described species previously were assigned to Laemophloeus Dejean. Affinities of the new genera are with Lathropus Erichson, Microlaemus Lefkovitch, Rhabdophloeus Sharp, and Carinophloeus Lefkovitch.

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