A New Xystodesmid Milliped Genus and Five New Species From the Coastal Plain of Alabama (Polydesmida)

Rowland M. Shelley


The new milliped genus Gonoessa (Xystodesmidae: Rhysodesmini) is proposed for 5 new species--clavata, aciculata, cingulata, dentata, and furcata--in the Coastal Plain of Alabama. It is characterized by a variably elongate prefemoral process, which may also be absent, and a long, slender telopodite, which overlaps 2 pregonopodal segments. Specific differences involve the distal configuration of the acropodite and the length of the prefemoral process if present. Like Caralinda, Gonoessa appears to be cold adapted and most abundant in winter and early spring. Phylogenetic affinity is with Parvulodesmus in South Carolina, and Gonoessa seems divisible into 2 lineages based on the presence or absence of the prefemoral process.

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