Symposium: Insects in Altered Environments: In-Flight Responses of the Pales Weevil, Hylobius Pales (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) to Monoterpene Constituents of Southern Pine Gum Turpentine

Blair D. Siegfried


Relative attraction of the pales weevil, Hylobius pales (Herbst), to the six principal monoterpene constituents of gum turpentine, a mixture of these monoterpenes approximating the composition of turpentine and turpentine alone was determined in the field by comparing each of the substances as baits for bounce-column traps. Turpentine attracted significantly more weevils than individual monoterpenes when the dilution rates of all test substances were equal. Traps baited with alpha-pinene, a beta-phellandrene/limonene mixture, limonene, and beta-pinene captured significantly more weevils than unbaited traps, and a synthetic mixture of the principal monoterpenes present in gum turpentine was equal to gum turpentine as an attractant for the pales weevil.

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