A Modified Leaf Arena Technique for Rearing Phytoseiid or Tetranychid Mites for Biological Studies

M. M. Abou-Setta, C. C. Childers


A new procedure for rearing mites in the families Phytoseiidae or Tetranychidae is described. The rearing unit provides air exchange and a stable level of humidity (75-85% RH) in the microenvironment at 1 cm height. At 26@*C or less, mature citrus leaves were maintained in the unit up to 8 weeks. Pollen of the ice plant, Malephora crocea (Jacq.) was usable for 10 to 15 days as food for Euseius mesembrinus (Dean) at 18 to 30@*C. The method requires low maintenance, is simple, relatively inexpensive, and allows monitoring of mite behavior or development through the clear plastic lid.

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