A Preliminary List of the Fruit Flies of the Genus Anastrepha (Diptera: Tephritidae) in Costa Rica

Luis F. Jiron, Julia Soto-Manitiu, A. L. Norrbom


Distribution and host plant data for 28 species of Anastrepha known to occur in Costa Rica are given. These data include the results of an extensive trapping survey and fruit sampling conducted in 1985-86, a study of museum specimens, and a summary of information from previous publications. Ten species are reported from Costa Rica for the first time: A. antunesi Lima, A. bahiensis Lima, A. barnesi Aldrich, A. concava Greene, A. crebra Stone, A. hamata (Loew), A. robusta Greene, A. tumida Stone, and two undetermined, probably undescribed species. Variation in host use and adult morphology between Costa Rican and Mexican-Guatemalan populations of A. ludens (Loew) is discussed.

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