Symposium: Insect Behavioral Ecology-'88: Behavioral Interactions Between Ants and Their Parasites

Daniel P. Wojcik


Ectoparasitic and endoparasitic arthropods of ants include species of Acarina (Antennophoridae, Uropodidae, Macrochelidae), Strepsiptera (Myrecolacidae), Hymenoptera (Formicidae, Diapriidae, Eucharitidae), and Diptera (Phoridae). Variation in the style of ectoparasitism is illustrated by the different lifestages involved and differing effects on the hosts by parasitic ants and eucharitids. Considerable variation in behavior occurs between related genera and species of phorids emphasizing the danger of over-generalization on the relationships of ants and their parasites.

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