A New Floridian Athyreodon Ashmead (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae), with Comments on Related Species of the Northern Neotropics

Charles C. Porter


The ophionine ichneumonid genus Athyreodon occurs from Florida, Cuba, and Texas to Brasil. Its 3 northernmost continental species are found on the Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plains of the southern United States and eastern Mexico. Athyreodon umbrifer n. sp. inhabits peninsular Florida, A. rivinae (Porter) extends from south Texas to Costa Rica, and A. atriventris (Cresson) ranges between Mexico and Brasil. Athyreodon flies mostly at night. It is collected often at light, and some species flock to mercury vapor lamps. It becomes most abundant from late spring to mid summer, when many other Neotropic ichneumonids are scarce. Its known hosts include larvae of sphingid Lepidoptera.

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