Research Reports: A New Species of Plocetes from the Florida Keys with Notes on Other Species Occurring in the United States (Coleoptera: Curculionidae; Curculioninae; Tychiini)

Robert S. Anderson


Plocetes clarki Anderson, new species is described (type locality; U.S.A., Florida, Monroe County, Sugarloaf Key, N.W., McKay Tract). Adults were collected on flowering Guettarda scabra Vent. (Rubiaceae) in open areas of a pinelands-palmetto-hardwood hammock transitional forest. This plant is the likely larval host. Plocetes clarki belongs in the P. hamifer group-P. zonatus group-P. apicalis group lineage of Plocetes but precise relationships are otherwise not clear. Other species of Plocetes occurring in the United States are: P. bahamensis (Casey), apparent larval host Erithalis fruticosa L.; P. ulmi LeConte, apparent larval host Cephalanthus occidentalis L.; and P. versicolor (Champion), apparent larval host Randia rhagocarpa Standl. All plants are Rubiaceae.

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