Fall Armyworm Symposium: Dr. John R. Young-Economic Entomologist

B. R. Wiseman, H. R. Gross


Dr. John R. Young, USDA-ARS-IBPMRL (retired), developed chemical and autocidal strategies for controlling the fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda (J. E. Smith) in corn and sorghum. Dr. Young's career spanned 30+ years with USDA during which time he published more than 100 articles in professional and/or popular journals. Dr. Young was one of the founders of the Fall Armyworm Conference, from which 133 recorded presentations and 57 articles by conferees have been published. Dr. Young pioneered principles and methodologies for the safe, economical, and efficient management of economic insect species through "insectigation"-the application of pesticides in irrigation water. John has been one of the discipline's true "Economic Entomologists."

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