Fall Armyworm Symposium: Fall Armyworm Resistance in Progeny of Maize Plants Regenerated Via Tissue Culture

D. J. Isenhour, B. R. Wiseman


Plant regeneration of maize genotypes known to be resistant to leaf-feeding by the fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda (J. E. Smith), was attempted via somatic embryogenesis. Successful regeneration from callus tissue cultures was achieved for the maize genotypes `Antigua 2D-118', `MpSWCB-4', `Mp496', and some selected single crosses. Progeny from these regenerates were evaluated under laboratory and field conditions for their levels of resistance to fall armyworm leaf-feeding as compared to their respective non-regenerated parental lines. Significant differences in resistance to leaf-feeding by the fall armyworm were observed between the regenerated and non-regenerated lines. Differences were of a positive as well as a negative nature in regards to the levels of resistance in the regenerates as compared to their non-regenerated parental line. This is further evidence of the potential of somaclonal variation for obtaining agronomically useful traits for crop improvement, in this instance plant resistance to insect attack.

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