Forum: Acaricidal Activity of Five Marine Algae Extracts on Female Boophilus Microplus (Acari: Ixodidae)

Lawrence A. D. Williams


The present report is the first ever on the acaricidal activity of marine plant extracts on Boophilus microplus. Topical application of crude ethanol extracts of five marine algae; namely Laurencia obtusa, Padina vickerisiae, Liagora farinosa, Liagora elongata and Stypopodium lobatum; affected the survival of engorged adult female B. microplus and inhibited oviposition and embryogenesis in the ticks. The order of toxicity of the extracts (% adult mortality) on B. microplus was Laurencia obtusa (40.00%) > Liagora elongata (30.00%) Liagora farinosa (10.00%) = Padina vickerisiae = Stypopodium lobatum. However, the order of inhibition of embryogenesis was different from adult mortality [Laurencia obtusa (59.23%) > Liagora farinosa (38.75%) > Stypopodium lobatum (34.40%) > Padina vickerisiae (14.00%) > Liagora elongata (11.21%)].

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