Forum: Comparison of Field Observations and Trapping of Papaya Fruit Fly in Papaya Plantings in Central America and Florida

P. J. Landolt, M. Gonzalez, D. L. Chambers, R. R. Heath


Papaya fruit flies, Toxotrypana curvicauda Gerstaecker, were observed on papaya trees in Guatemala and Costa Rica to compare with reported patterns of behavior for papaya fruit flies in south Florida. In both cases, males and females were nearly always on fruit and not on leaves. General activity of both sexes and female oviposition were highest in the morning in Central America, contrasting with the late afternoon activity period in Florida. A total of 23 mating pairs was observed in Costa Rica, all on papaya trees in late morning, compared to late afternoon to dusk in Florida. A fruit model trap baited with the pheromone 2-methyl-6-vinylpyrazine caught significant numbers of both male and female T. curvicauda in Costa Rica at a pheromone release rate of 1 @mg/h. At this location, counts of flies in plots on papaya trees versus traps indicated a high rate of capture of both sexes of papaya fruit flies with the fruit-model sex pheromone trap.

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