Research Reports: New Records and Synonymy in Patagonian Atrichopogon (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

Gustavo R. Spinelli, Willis W. Wirth


Atrichopogon obnubilus Ingram & Macfie from southern Argentina and Chile is redescribed and figured. Two similar species from the same area described in the same paper are junior synonyms of A. obnubilus: A. chilensis Ingram & Macfie and A. assimilis Ingram & Macfie (NEW SYNONYMY). Atrichopogon obnubilus is the first South American species to be assigned to the subgenus Meloehela Wirth, a group known as ectoparasites of Meloidae and related beetles in the northern hemisphere. The habits of A. obnubilus are unknown.

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