Research Reports: Distributional Review of the Orthoptera of Florida

Stewart B. Peck, Thomas J. Walker, J. L. Capinera


Two hundred forty-one species of Orthoptera are now known to occur in Florida. The affinities of most of the species are with the southeastern United States. Forty-one species are restricted to Florida. The south Florida (tropical) fauna contains 129 species. Nine species are introduced. Nine species are naturally and exclusively shared between Florida and the West Indies or mainland Neotropics. The distribution by families is: Tetrigidae, 13 species; Acrididae, 72 species; Tridactylidae, 2 species; Tettigoniidae, 64 species; Gryllacrididae, 12 species; Gryllidae, 74 species; and Gryllotalpidae, 4 species.

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