Research Reports: American Predaceous Midges of the Subgenus Eukraiohelea of Stilobezzia (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

Willis W. Wirth, Gustavo R. Spinelli


A key is presented to distinguish the four species of the subgenus Eukraiohelea Ingram & Macfie of the genus Stilobezzia Kieffer that occur in the Western Hemisphere. Stilobezzia elegantula (Johannsen) and S. amnigena Macfie are redescribed and illustrated; the latter species is a new U.S. record. Males of S. amnigena were previously misidentified as S. elegantula in North America. S. maculitibia Lane & Forattini is a junior synonym of S. elegantula (New Synonymy).

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