Workshop on Important Arthropod Pests of the Caribbean Basin Amenable to Biological Control: Homoptera, Coleoptera, Lepidoptera: Approaches to the Biological Control of Whiteflies

Dan Gerling


Biological control has been successful for some whitefly species but not for others. Natural enemies available for control of whiteflies include fungi, predators and parasitoids. Each of these groups has an important place in the ecosystem, but knowledge of their biology and utilization is limited and available mainly for parasitoids. There is no proven method for predicting the success of natural enemies. However, the number of host stages that are not vulnerable to enemy attack, as well as the host refuges, should be reduced in both time and space. This can be accomplished by integrating the use of different natural enemies, plant resistance and selective insecticides. Comparative studies of successful cases of whitefly biocontrol are suggested as a means to increase our knowledge of the necessary attributes of successful natural enemies.

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