Workshop on Important Arthropod Pests of the Caribbean Basin Amenable to Biological Control: Homoptera, Coleoptera, Lepidoptera: Biological Control of Weevils and Whitegrubs on Bananas and Sugarcane in the Caribbean

C. Sirjusingh, A. Kermarrec, H. Mauleon, C. Lavis, J. Etienne


This review examines the major weevil and whitegrub pests on bananas and sugar-cane of present economic concern in the Caribbean, as well as the various categories of biocontrol agents. It discusses their roles in reducing populations of these pest. Several successful biocontrol agents are presented together with recently obtained information that may affect practical biocontrol. Some directions of future research in this field are predicted. Emphasis will be made on Cosmopolites sordidus on banana and Diaprepes abbreviatus on sugarcane, targets of the main biological control attempts.

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