Research Reports: Inventory of Parasitic Organisms of the Striped Grass Looper, Mocis Latipes (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), in Honduras

Ronald D. Cave


An inventory and biological information is given of 31 species parasitizing the four stages of Mocis latipes (Guenee) in south-central Honduras from 1988-1991. Twenty-one species are reported from M. latipes for the first time. Predominant species were Sarcodexia sternodontis Townsend, Chetogena sp., Lespesia parviteres (Aldrich & Webber), Patelloa sp., Rogas nigristemmaticum (Enderlein) and Trichogramma pretiosum Riley. The hyperparasites Mesochorus sp. and Brachymeria sp. were also reared. Multiparasitism by 4 primary parasitoids is discussed.

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