Forum: Field Test of Mosquito Ovipositional Cues from Venezuelan Phytotelmata

L. P. Lounibos, C. E. Machado-Allison


Fluids held by four phytotelmata were compared for oviposition by mosquitoes in lowland rainforest in eastern Venezuela. Significantly more Wyeomyia ulocoma and Culex pleuristriatus were recovered in fluid from bracts of Heliconia caribaea, than in fluids collected from axils of Aechmea bromeliads, the aroid Alocasia macrorrhiza, or internodes of Bambusa vulgaris. Wyeomyia ulocoma, whose immature stages occur uniquely in Heliconia bracts, was more specific to H. caribaea fluid than was the phytotelm generalist C. pleuristriatus. No preferences for oviposition site color were detected.

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