Field Evaluation of Perimeter Treatments for Pharaoh Ant (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) Control

David H. Oi, Karen M. Vail, David F. Williams


Four types of exterior perimeter treatments for the control of Pharaoh ants, Monomorium pharaonis (L.), in houses were compared. Treatment with a granular bait containing hydramethylnon, a delayed-action toxicant, resulted in a 95% reduction in foraging activity 1 and 4 weeks after treatment. Houses treated with either an insecticidal residual spray, insecticide granules, or a granular bait containing a contact insecticide, had an average increase of 22% in foraging activity. Foraging by Pharaoh ants on a delayed-action toxicant bait applied solely to the exterior periphery of houses controlled Pharaoh ant colonies located inside the structure. Exterior perimeter baiting for Pharaoh ants could reduce indoor insecticide applications.

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