Evaluation of "TRED-NOT™ DEERFLY PATCHES" against host-seeking deer flies (Diptera:Tabanidae) in north Florida

James E. Cilek


"TRED-NOT™ DEERFLY PATCHES" (6.4 14.2 cm adhesive strips) affixed to the back and front of nylon mesh solid black and solid white "baseball" caps were evaluated for their ability to trap host-seeking Chrysops celatus Pechuman, C. vittatus Weidemann, and Diachlorus ferrugatus (F.). Trials were conducted in a commercial pine bottomland forest habitat in northwestern Florida during peak seasonal abundance of these species. No D. ferrugatus were captured on patches but approximately 26% of host seeking Chrysops (regardless of patch location, cap color or fly species) were captured compared with a standard aerial sweep net method. Significantly more deer flies were captured on patches affixed to the back of the cap compared with patches placed on the front. No statistical difference (>0.05) existed in number of flies trapped on patches when cap colors (white versus black) were compared.

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