Biology of Discocoris drakei (Hemiptera: Thaumastocoridae) on Oenocarpus mapora (Palmae)

Guy Couturier, Maria Do Socorro Padilha De Oliveira, Paulo Beserra, Dominique Pluot-Sigwalt, Francis Kahn


The life cycle of the bug Discocoris drakei Slater & Ashlock (Thaumastocoridae: Xylastodorinae) on the inflorescence of the palm Oenocarpus mapora Karsten is described. When the bractea open, hundreds of adults of D. drakei are attracted by the inflorescence (the staminate flowers in anthesis) and lay their eggs on the rachillae. The adults of the second generation leave the inflorescence after the fertilization of pistillate flowers (dry stigmas). These new data confirm the close relationship between the bug subfamily Xylastodorinae and the palm genus complex Oenocarpus/Jessenia, and illustrate further an interesting example of the relation between insects and palms. Egg morphology conforms to data reported for the whole family. The first-instar is described for the first time in the family.

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