A New Species of Flightless Pygmy Mole Cricket from a Florida Sand Ridge (Orthoptera: Tridactylidae)

Mark Deyrup


A new species of Tridactylidae, Ellipes eisneri, is described from the Brooksville Ridge in Florida. This is the second species of flightless tridactylid that is known to inhabit deep, well drained sand formations in Florida. It is associated with an algal layer occurring a few mm beneath the surface. When not feeding near the surface, E. eisneri retreats down vertical burrows. The range of the species is not well known, but it could be restricted to the Brooksville Ridge. The habits of this species are convergent with those of the previously described Neotridactylus archboldi Deyrup Eisner. There is a good chance that there are additional species of upland pygmy mole crickets in other sandy areas of southeastern North America.

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