Two New Species of Ceratophysella (Collembola: Hypogastruridae) from Korea

Kyung-Hwa Park, Nam-Yee Park


Two new species of the genus Ceratophysella from Korea, Ceratophysella biclavata n. sp. and Ceratophysella platyna n. sp. are described and illustrated. Ceratophysella biclavata differs from the closely related species Ceratophysella sigillata (Uzel 1891) by the shape of antennal bulb on antennal segment IV, the number of clavate tenent hairs and the number of granules between p1 upon abdominal segment V. Ceratophysella platyna resembles Ceratophysella denticulata (Bagnall 1941) and Ceratophysella communis (Folsom 1898), but distinctly differs from the latter by the shape of tenent hairs. A key to the identification of the Korean species of Ceratophysella is included. In addition, the known species Hypogastrura gracilis (Folsom 1899) is described and recorded for the first time from Korea.

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