Synonomy of Five Scirtothrips Species (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) Described from Avocados (Persea americana) in Mexico

Mark S. Hoddle, Laurence A. Mound, Paul F. Rugman-Jones, Richard Stouthamer


The holotypes of Scirtothrips aguacatae, S. kupandae, S. manihotifloris, S. tacambarensis, and S. uruapaniensis were examined and compared with specimens of Scirtothrips perseae from Mexico, Guatemala, and California. The chaetotaxy of the pronotum and head of each of these 5 holotypes was found to fall within the range observed on specimens identified as S. perseae based DNA analyses and subsequent slide mounting and morphological examination of the body surface of specimens from which analyzed DNA was extracted. As a result of morphological examination and complementary DNA analyses, these 5 species are considered synonyms of S. perseae. This synonomy should reduce potential quarantine disputes over avocado imports from Mexico that could arise from concerns raised over the large number of Scirtothrips species previously considered as pests of avocados in Mexico that might inadvertently accompany imports.

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