Survey for Potential Insect Biological Control Agents of Ligustrum sinense (Scrophulariales: Oleaceae) in China

Yan-Zhuo Zhang, James L. Hanula, Jiang-hua Sun


A systematic survey of Chinese privet foliage, stems, seeds, and roots for associated phytophagous insects was conducted in China during 2005 and 2006 in order to establish basic information about the insect communities that Chinese privet harbors and to evaluate the abundance and damage caused by these insects. A total of 170 phytophagous insect species in 48 families and 5 orders were collected from Chinese privet in China. The insects belong to 4 feeding guilds: foliage, sap, stem, and root feeders. The impact of foliage feeders varied by site and over time. The mean percent defoliation of Chinese privet over all sites and years was 20.5 ± 8.2%, but ranged as high as 48%.

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