Two New Species of Dryinidae (Hymenoptera: Chrysidoidea) from China

Zaifu Xu, Massimo Olmi, Junhua He


Two new species, Fiorianteon isoneuron sp. nov and Anteon gaoligongense sp. nov, are described, respectively, from Xiaowutaishan Provincial Nature Reserve (Hebei Province, China) and Gaoligongshan National Nature Reserve (Yunnan Province, China). Fiorianteon isoneuron can be recognized from the related Palaearctic species F. junonium Olmi by the different shape of parameres (without a notch in dorsal view in F. junonium, with a deep notch in F. isoneuron) and stigmal vein (distal part much shorter than proximal part in F. junonium, about as long as in F. isoneuron). Anteon gaoligongense can be recognized from the related Oriental species A. indicum Olmi by the different shape of segment 5 of fore tarsus (with basal part much longer than distal part in A. indicum, slightly shorter than distal part in Anteon gaoligongense). Keys are provided for the determinations of the above species with illustrations of male genitalia and female chelae.Translation provided by the authors.

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