Descriptions of Two New Species of the Platylomia spinosa Species Group (Hemiptera: Cicadidae)

Young June Lee


Two new species, Platylomia constanti Lee, sp. nov. and Platylomia maxima Lee, sp. nov., of the Platylomia spinosa species group are described from Luzon, Philippines. These new species are distinguished from their congeners by the combination of the following characters: larger body, long operculum, wide abdomen, presence of infuscation only at bases of apical cells 2 and 3 on the fore wing, blackish ground color of the dorsal and ventral parts of the body, and the different shape of the uncal lobe. The 2 new species are different from each other not only in collection altitude and season but also in morphology such as the shape of the dorsal beak, shape of the male operculum, shapes of some markings on the body, and the length of the basal vein of the apical cell 1.

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