Two New Species of Anteon (Hymenoptera: Dryinidae) from China

Zaifu Xu, Massimo Olmi, Junhua He


Two new species, Anteon liui sp. nov. and Anteon zhangae sp. nov., are described from China. The first species was collected in Henan Province, Mt. Baiyunshan, and Zhejiang Province, Mt. Fenyangshan; the second species was collected in Guizhou Province, Mt. Leigongshan. Anteon liui can be recognized from the related Oriental species A. hirashimai Olmi 1993 and A. austini Olmi 1991 by the different length of notauli (reaching about 0.65 length of scutum in A. liui, reaching 0.3–0.4 length of scutum in A. hirashimai and A. austini). Anteon zhangae can be recognized from the related Oriental species A. muiri Olmi 1984 by the following characters: in A. muiri, notauli reaching about 0.65 length of scutum; scutum weakly punctate; head with OOL more than twice as long as OL; in A. zhangae, notauli reaching about 0.8 length of scutum; scutum sculptured by large and deep punctures similar to areolae; head with OOL slightly longer than OL.

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