Description of the Mature Larvae of Two Species of Liris with Notes on the Immature Stages of L. Niger (Hymenoptera: Crabronidae)

Josep Tormos, Josep Daniel Asís, Laura Baños-Picón, Severiano F. Gayubo


The preimaginal stages of 2 species of Liris, including the egg, 2 mature and 1 immature larvae are described. The mature larva of L. niger (Fabricius) described is very similar to the previously known immature one. The mature larva of L. festinans praetermissus (Richards) differs only in minor details from that of L. niger, with the presence in the first one of parietal bands being outstanding. To date, the last larval stage of subtribe Larrina can be defined by the following character states: (a) head no higher than wide, (b) mandible with 4 or more teeth, (c) epipharynx with a large number of slender spinules, which tend to converge toward the midline, and (d) labrum rounded apically Within the Larrina, the mature larva of Liris is characterized by the autapomorphy “epipharynx spinulose, with a bare area in the center”.

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