New Parasitoid (Hymenoptera) Records for Bamboo-Shoot Flies (Tephritidae: Phytalmiinae and Dacinae)

Patrick Dohm, Robert. Wharton, Damir Kovac, Larissa Guillén, Amnon Freidberg, Juan Rull, Martín Aluja


We provide new records of parasitoids (Hymenoptera) attacking bamboo fly (Tephritidae: Phytalmiinae, Dacinae) larvae in Malaysia. At least 7 parasitoid species from 4 families emerged from bamboo fly puparia. Most parasitoids were recovered from larvae that had bred in live shoots, although some stemmed from larvae that had developed in dead culms. Parasitoid developmental times ranged between 7 and 19 d. The braconid parasitoids of bamboo-infesting tephritids belong to the Alysiinae (Phaenocarpa Foerster) and Opiinae (Fopius Wharton, Psyttalia Walker). Hosts for some species have not been recorded previously. We also reared the alysiine Heratemis filosa Walker from puparia of cyclorrhaphous Diptera infesting bamboo shoots that had been attacked previously by the weevil Cyrtotrachelus sp.

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