First Record of the Genus Adoxomyia (Diptera: Stratiomyidae) with Four Species from Turkey

Turgay Üstüner, Abdullah Hasbenli


Adoxomyia aureovittata (Bigot, 1879), A. cinerascens (Loew, 1873), A. obscuripennis (Loew, 1873) and A. sarudnyi (Pleske, 1903) are recorded from Turkey for the first time. Both sexes of the first 3 species and the male of A. sarudnyi are redescribed and photographs of all species are provided. The distributions of all species are briefly discussed. The male genitalia and some other diagnostic characters of all the examined species are illustrated. An identification key to all East-Mediterranean species was constructed and is included in this report.

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