Supplementary Materials for "Retracted Stylets in Nymphs of the Asian Citrus Psyllid are Held Externally Against the Clypeus by a Special Paired Organ Not Found in the Adults"

El-Desouky Ammar, David G. Hall


Suppl. Fig. 3. A. SEM (ventro-lateral view) of the head of Diaphorina citri showing the flat aspect of the stylet-holding organ (so). B. A micrograph taken from a video of a feeding 5th instar D. citri nymph, showing the extended tip of the stylets (st) and the partially retracted/looped part of the stylets (rs): cg, clypeal groove, cl, clypeus; lb, labium; lb1 & lb2, labial segments 1 & 2; rs, retracted/looped stylets; so, stylet-holding organ. NOTE: A color image of a feeding 5th instar nymph.

Supplementary video 1. Asian citrus psyllid nymph (5th instar) feeding through a transparent membrane. Note the moving, brownish, partially extended stylets and the retracted/looped part of the stylets held between the stylet-holding organ and the clypeus (these parts are labeled in Suppl. Fig. 3B).

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