Baculentulus xizangensis sp. nov. from Tibet, China (Protura: Acerentomata, Berberentulidae) with a Key to the Group of Baculentulus SPP. with Foretarsal Sensillum B'

Yi Bai, Yun Bu


Baculentulus xizangensis sp. nov. from Tibet Autonomous Region, China is described. The new species is characterized by the presence of sensillum b' on foretarsus, short sensillum a' , one pair of A-setae (AS) on tergite VII, one pair of P-setae (P1) on sternite I, and comb with few teeth and straight hind margin. It is similar to Baculentulus ogawai (Imadaté, 1965) from Thailand, but differs in the length of sensilla a' and b' shape of maxillary gland and comb, and in the chaetotaxy on sternite I. The key to the group of Baculentulus spp. with foretarsal sensillum b' present is provided.

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