First Record of Diatraea tabernella (Lepidoptera: Crambidae) in the Caucariver Valley of Colombia

Germán Vargas, Luz A. Lastra, M. Alma Solís


Diatraea tabernella is recorded for the first time in the Cauca River Valley of Colombia. Even though there has been no information on the status of D. tabernella in Colombia for almost a century, its recent appearance creates concern about its potential economic importance by virtue of its abundance and distribution in the northern region of the Cauca River Valley. Descriptions of the pupae and the male genitalia of D. saccharalis, D. indigenella, and D. tabernella are given, together with a key to aid in the identification of Diatraea species in the region. Also information and perspectives on biological control of D. tabernella are presented.

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