First Report of Chrysopodes (Chrysopodes) lineafrons (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae) in Tucumán Province, Northwestern Argentina

Eugenia S. Ortega, Cecilia A. Veggiani Aybar, Ana L. Avila, José F. Heredia, Carmen Reguilón


Chrysopodes (Chrysopodes) lineafrons Adams & Penny is reported the first time from the Tucumán Province, extending its known geographical distribution range to northwestern Argentina.


Chrysopodes (Chrysopodes) lineafrons Adams & Penny es reportado por primera vez para la Provincia de Tucumán, extendiendo su rango de distribución geográfico para el noroeste de la Argentina.


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Chrysopodes (Chrysopodes) lineafrons; Bemisia tabaci; biocontrol agent; Sitotroga cerealella

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