A Study of Leuctridae (Insecta: Plecoptera) from Shennongjia, Hubei Province, China

Yu-Han Qian, Hong-Lin Li, Yu-Zhou Du


Plecopteran species of the family Leuctridae were collected and studied from the Shennongjia Nature Reserve, Hubei Province, China. Seven species were collected from Shennongjia belonging to 2 genera, and including 1 new species and 1 new record for the province, both within the genus Rhopalopsole. Rhopalopsole memorabilis sp. nov. is described and a redescription of R. apicispina Yang & Yang, 1991 is provided.


Se recolectó especies de la familia Leuctridae (Plecoptera) de la Reserva Natural de Shennongjia, provincia de Hubei, China. Siete especies en dos géneros fueron recolectadas de Shennongjia que incluyen una nueva especie y un nuevo registro para la provincia,ambos pertenecientes al género Rhopalopsole. Se describe Rhopalopsole memorabilis nov. sp. y se provee una redescripción de R. apicispina Yang y Yang, 1991.


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Leuctridae; new species; redescription; Shennongjia; China

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