A new species of the genus Forcipomyia (Lepidohelea) (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) in China

Xiaojing Han, Xiaofei Li, Xiaohui Hou


A new species, Forcipomyia (Lepidohelea) qinlingensis is described and illustrated after a male specimen in China. This new species is compared with its similar congener, Forcipomyia (Lepidohelea) qionghaiensis Liu and Yu, 2001. A key to the adults of the subgenus from China is also provided.



Una nueva especie, Forcipomyia (Lepidohelea) qinlingensis es descrita e ilustrada a partir de un espécimen macho de la China. Esta nueva especie es comparada con su congénere, Forcipomyia (Lepidohelea) qionghaiensis Liu et Yu, 2001. Se presenta una clave para adultos del subgenero de la China.


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Forcipomyia (Lepidohelea); midges; new species; China

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