A short history of Florida Entomologist in recognition of 100 years of publication

John L. Capinera


On 5 Jan 1916, 11 men interested in entomology formed the Florida
Entomological Society. (Yes, they were all men; remember, this
was 100 years ago—virtually all entomologists were men!) The purpose
of the society was stated to be “to stimulate active interest in
entomology on the part of Floridians. There is at present a marked
dearth of amateur entomologists in the State.” Anyone interested
in “bugs” was invited to participate. At its inception, there were 39

The history of the Florida Entomological Society has been summarized
at least 6 times, notably by Tissot et al. (1954) and Denmark
(1993). Rather than repeating the long and interesting history
of the Society, I report here only on the general trends seen in the
journal sponsored by the Florida Entomological Society: Florida Entomologist.


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