Vol. 15, No. 1 (April 1931)

Table of Contents

Literature Review Articles

Some New Genera and Species of Leafhoppers Related to Eutettix Van Duzee (Rhynchota Homoptera) PDF
Ball, E. D. 1-6
Florida Entomological Society Meeting, March 27, 1931 PDF
Editors 6
Euv Anessa Antiopa Linn PDF
Watson, J. R. 7
Insect Enemies of the Cotton Boll Weevil PDF
Grossman, Edgar F. 8-10
Notes on Utah Coleoptera PDF
Knowlton, Geo. F. 10
A New Haplothrips from Panama PDF
Watson, J. R. 11-12
Vegetable Weevil in Florida PDF
Editors 12
Winter Survival of Immature Stages of the Boll Weevil PDF
Grossman, Edgar F. 13-14
Florida Entomological Society Meeting, April 24th, 1931 PDF
Editors 15
The Six-Spotted Mite PDF
Editors 15
Back Matter PDF