Vol. 34, No. 4 (December 1951)

Table of Contents

Literature Review Articles

Front Matter PDF
Malaria in Florida PDF
Lieux, D. B. 131-135
A New Culicoides from Florida (Diptera, Ceratopogonidae) PDF
Beck, Elizabeth C. 135-136
Book Notice PDF
Editors 136
Concerning Some American Microvelia (Hemiptera: Veliidae) PDF
Drake, C. J. and Hussey, R. F. 137-145
The Aquatic and Semiaquatic Hemiptera of Northern Florida. Part 4: Classification of Habitats and Keys to the Species PDF
Herring, Jon L. 146-161
Minutes of the Thirty-Fourth Annual Meeting of the Florida Entomological Society PDF
Editors 162-165
Back Matter PDF